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Margaret Fell Fox (1614-1702) is remembered as the wife of George Fox and an ardent promoter of the Society of Friends, better known as Quakers, that he founded. In some sense, she

could be considered a co-founder of the movement. Margaret Agnew first married Thomas Fell and raised nine children at the Fell estate, Swarthmore Hall (or Swarthmoor) in northwest England. In 1648 George Fox had begun his public ministry that would lead to the development of the Society of Friends. Fox visited Swarthmore in 1652, which eventually led to Thomas and Margaret Fell using Swarthmore Hall as a meeting place for the developing Society. Thomas Fell died in 1658 and eleven years later Margaret married George Fox. They both continued to organize and promote the Society until George’s death in 1691. Margaret continued to support and defend the Society until her death in 1702.