Peggy Hanson and Mark Ankeny, co-clerks

David Sherwood, recording clerk

Cynthia Wall, treasurer


Davida Brown and Luann Foster, co-clerks

Brandon Buerkle

Andy Copeland

       Colby Hampton

       Beth LaForce

Kati McKee

Rick Muthiah

       Margie Sayler


Karen Angus

Robert Bonner

       Jewel Green

Larry Hampton

Bob Hansen

Steve Wood

Gift & Call

Shanna Andres

Frank Engle

Gary Fawver

Patty Findley

Moriah Reid

Maureen Rogers

Pastoral Staff

Elizabeth Sherwood and Steve Fawver, co-lead pastors

Josh Reid, youth pastor

Ian & Sammie Eilert, music ministry co-coordinators

Our Co-leadership Vision

  • Trust
    • We value that of Christ in one another and the callings God has on our lives.
    • We will seek to support, encourage, and empower one another as we minister in this community.
  • Partnership
    • We will co-labor in the pastoral roles of vision, leadership, planning, preaching, teaching, care, and staff oversight.
    • Meet weekly for overarching planning.
    • Co-clerk the pastoral team and support other leaders.
    • Attend elders together.
  • Accountability
    • We will hold the concerns of the church together with one another and with the elders.
    • We will intentionally spend time in reflection and centering on Jesus, prayer, and sharing as we seek to be accountable to one another, our team, our spouses, the elders, and our community.
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