Congregational Connections

Ways we live out love
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Ways we live out love locally


Ways we live out love globally

WFC has a variety of ways to live out love. Connect with others by getting involved with one or more of the following or share your calling to something new. Contact a team leader listed below or a staff member for general inquiries. Get in touch with us if you need specific help figuring out how to use your strengths and gifts in this community.

Congregational Ministries

The WFC Bell Choir rehearses Monday evenings during the school year and leads music occasionally during holidays and Sunday evening services. Anyone who can read music–and commit to rehearsals–is welcome to join this unique ensemble.

Find out more or come join the Bell Choir!

Younger kids are always welcome and invited to stay with their families for worship. Each Sunday, little ones are invited up front for an interactive story just for them. After that they can take their parent or guardian to check in at Godly Play or other planned activities. We provide nursery care for the littlest ones through age 3, although they too are welcome in worship.

For the sake of each child’s safety, all volunteers have received a criminal history check, completed volunteer orientation, and work in pairs. Checking your child in the first time may take a little longer than it otherwise will.

Learn more about WFC’s children’s programs.

Connection groups have 8 to 9 people who will weekly gather together at someone’s home for 4 weeks. Each person in the small group with have the opportunity to share the pivotal God sightings in their life story, giving people the chance to know one another more.

Let us know if you are interested in joining a Connection Group!

The Hospitality Team is the FRIEND that extends goodwill through service, showing kindness, and helping guests and community members feel welcome, loved, and valued. Team members do this by preparing and providing refreshments for church sponsored events and reaching out to our community members who may need some neighborly care, including organizing meals for people experiencing significant life events.

A week’s notice is appreciated but, as with any FRIEND, you can ask anytime, and we will do everything possible to meet your needs.

Become a volunteer or connect with a neighborly helper.

This team serves Italian sodas, tea, and coffee from 4:30-5pm, prior to worship gatherings, on Sunday evenings.

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Every Sunday at 5pm is an opportunity for us to be together for an intentional time of community worship. We hope to help create space that is conducive to each person feeling God’s presence and love. We want to be diverse, creative, and intergenerational in our approach to Sunday evenings, and this is always helped by having more voices involved in planning and leading. There are opportunities each week for musicians, audio/visual techs, ushers, greeters, people to set up and clean up the sanctuary, and creative planners.

Get more information about how you might be involved with Sunday evening worship gatherings.

We want prayer to be infused in all that we do; part of worship, part of supporting one another, and part of preparing for ministry work and intentional breakthroughs.

The Prayer Team is an intentional community within WFC committed to holding the whole body in the Light of Christ as well as individual shared prayer requests. In the future, the Team envisions prayer walks, mini-prayer retreats, and a praying-life study group.

If you would like to submit a prayer request use our contact page.

Join the Prayer Team.

Be part of the team that is responsible for the set up and tear down of worship stations used during Sunday evening gatherings. Team members sign up for one Sunday a month, set up worship stations from 4:30-4:50pm in the sanctuary, and spend approximately 15 minutes after the service putting things away.

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Here’s a chance to connect with a group of eight adults in our community around a casual evening meal in which everyone brings a dish.

Sign up to become a host or RSVP as a guest.

Join the team to run sound on Sunday evenings.

The Women’s Gathering on Tuesday from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM is created to provide space for all women, woman-identified, or non-binary people to worship, study and connect. During this season of COVID-19, the group is currently meeting in someone’s home.

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Throughout the year we create an opportunity on Wednesday evenings to gather together to study, connect, grow, and learn around a specific topic or book.

Stay tuned for the next opportunity!

Questions? Contact Steve Fawver.

Every Sunday is someone’s first experience at WFC. Our Welcome Team has the pastoral privilege of welcoming visitors and helping newcomers feel at home. Team members take turns greeting first time visitors, help them learn their way around the facility, get kids settled and answer questions. Each week, a team member follows up with those that provided their information, adds them to the newsletter mailing list with their permission, and introduces them to others who share their interests and calling.

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WFC Youth is a community of middle and high school young people and adults who are seeking an adventurous expression of faith. We pray, learn, worship, doubt, ask questions, and serve together as an all-inclusive community. With the aim of being the kind of group where all people feel safe and free to be themselves, we have committed ourselves to celebrating each person, listening to one another, and creating fun memories as we laugh and play and seek God together.

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Interested in working with our youth?

Would you like to spend time with others praying specifically for our youth?

Local Ministries & Partnerships

Equity and Diversity  is an advisory group of community members that collaborate to fulfill our commitment to making our church a welcoming, affirming, and safe place for all. We are available to all committees in the church to help with education about how best to put these ideals into action. We are also committed to advocating for the marginalized and intervening for those experiencing harm. We are not a part of the authority structure of the church, and our role is more advice and advocacy.

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Three times a year (fall, Christmas, and Easter) we use Giving Trees as a way to support both local and global ministries. Join this team to help select and organize this outreach work.

We believe that following Jesus changes us and changes how we act and live. We believe following Jesus means joining what God is already doing to bring justice and peace in our world. Our Peace and Justice Team tries to help our faith community do just that. We want to raise awareness of areas of injustice, and explore together how we can do things right here in Newberg that make a practical difference for peace and justice in people’s lives. We would love to have you join us in that journey!

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Safe Families is a movement across all types of churches who have the shared vision to “create a world where children are safe and families transformed through radically compassionate communities. Our mission is to host vulnerable children and create extended family-like supports for desperate families through a community of devoted volunteers who are motivated by compassion to keep children safe and families intact.” (

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Global Connections

Andy Comfort, One Collective

Andy Comfort is with One Collective in Ecuador helping to find ways for impoverished communities to experience “Food, Freedom and Forgiveness” through global business development. Read Andy’s blog or learn about One Collective at their website.

Email Andy at