We look forward to meeting you

WFC is a faith community intentionally formed in 2017 as open and affirming, Christ-following and Quaker. We recognize that all persons are equal before God, and called to worship, serve, and grow together. Therefore, we strive to establish an atmosphere and traditions that encourage anyone who wants to encounter God’s love to seek to do so in our midst. All are welcome here.

Our Vibe

The Flow

Open Worship

Worship services are casual and relaxed. There will be a variety of music, message, prayer and sharing styles from week to week.  Additionally, there are worship stations around the sanctuary where you can take communion, pray, confess, or offer your burdens at the foot of the Cross, and express yourself creatively through art any time throughout the hour. Feel free to linger afterward to visit and get better acquainted.

Weekly gatherings vary but usually include contemporary music by a variety of rotating volunteer groups, kids’ time, pastoral sharing, open worship and worship in giving. Pastoral teaching and sharing may be done by any one of our pastors, by another community leader or by a visiting friend.

Open worship (communion after the manner of Friends) is an opportunity to wait expectantly for the voice of God within as well as commune with Christ. This is a time to practice listening and responding to God. This may be silent or someone may speak, start a song, read a scripture, ask for prayer, or share some other response to the Spirit. All are invited to open themselves to Christ, who is present to teach us in the congregation and within the individual.

What Kids May Experience

Younger kids are always welcome and invited to stay with their families for worship. Each week, little ones are invited up front for an interactive story just for them. After that they can take their parent or guardian to check in at Godly Play or other planned activities. Middle and high school youth worship and participate fully throughout.

We provide nursery care for the littlest ones through age 3, although they too are welcome in worship.

For the sake of each child’s safety, all volunteers have received a criminal history check, completed volunteer orientation, and work in pairs. Checking your child in the first time may take a little longer than it otherwise will.

Times and Location

Gathering Time || 5pm, Sunday evening || via Zoom

Address || 1716 N. Villa Rd., Newberg, OR

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