As an open and affirming Christ-following Quaker Community,

we recognize that all persons are equal before God,

called to worship, serve and grow together.

All are loved and welcome here.

Newberg Emerging Friends Church is moving into our third year as a community. We have had time to establish some foundations, vision, and values together. We view college and young adult age individuals as a vital part of our community. We desire that they have opportunities to know and experience the deep love of God, the living Christ, and community that demonstrates respect and honor for all. This 5 hour a week coordinator role will be part leading, part administrative, and part encouraging and connecting with others. We are looking for an individual who has passion for Christ, a heart for young adults, strong leadership ability, and willingness to be a team player. The timeframe will be from August, 2019 through the end of June, 2020 with the possibility of an annual renewal.

PURPOSE: To serve by giving leadership, empowering individuals and groups, and providing connection and ministry opportunities for college and young adults. Being a caring and visible presence for those who are a part of the college/young adult age in our community here at NEFC and the broader Newberg/Portland area as well.


–      Develop and coordinate ministry teams that are intentional in supporting college/young adults.

–      Spend time developing relational connections with college/young adults in our NEFC community and the broader community (coffee meetings, small groups, etc.)

–      Develop potential connection events such as meals, outdoor activities, game nights, etc.

–      Develop connections with the colleges and universities in the area.

–      Oversee communication networks utilizing social media and other tools. Keep the group lists up to date and accurate.

–      Connect and partner with the Emerging Leaders Team.

–      Meet for planning, vision, coordination, and encouragement with pastors and other coordinators on a regular basis.


–      Demonstrate a life centered on Jesus Christ.

–      Align with our values of being Christ-centered and welcoming and affirming.

–      Have a passion for ministry with college/young adults.

–      Demonstrated level of preparation for this role (i.e. college degree, skill development, study, ministry experience, other expertise)

–      Ability, comfort, and willingness to communicate one-on-one, in small groups, and in larger community settings.

–      Skills in planning, leading, and coordinating events.

–      Willingness and ability to work as a team player.

–      Administrative capabilities of publicity, organizing rotations, planning, coordinating.

–      Basic computer knowledge and skills.

ACCOUNTABLE TO: The co-lead pastors.


–      July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020 (with the possibility of annual renewal)

–      Staff level – 5 hours a week tracking hours with some weekly flexibility depending on tasks (based on 20 a month).

–      Compensation – $20.00 an hour.

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