July 6 – August 13
9am – 1pm





Camp Wayside is a free, summer day camp for kids kindergarten
through middle school. Each week we will have opportunities
both for fun and learning, in addition to one off-site field trip.
Field trips will include the Oregon Zoo, OMSI, local museums,
Oaks Park, and more. Register your camper today!

MASKS. Masks are required. Please bring a mask each day, or one will be provided for you.

PODS. Campers will be placed in a static group of students. We will do our best to keep groups separate.

CLEANING. We will be wiping down all surfaces to ensure clean spaces.

HAND SANITIZER. Hand sanitizer will be available for use as needed.

FEELING ILL? Please take care to stay home if you are experiencing any symptoms of illness, including but not limited to COVID-19 symptoms.

9am      Arrive/Game
9:30am Learning:
          Monday – art/vocations
          Tuesdays- science
          Wednesdays- writing/math
          Thursdays- field trip
10:30am Reading Challenge
11am Park Visit/Fun Activity
12pm Lunch
1pm Pack up and go home

Please bring a water bottle, lunch, and a great attitude each day.

If your camper needs transportation to and/or from Camp Wayside, please mark that on the registration form.

We will honor every person and their story.

  • We will be confidential.

 We will do our best to keep everyone safe.

  • We will follow Oregon state and county guidelines for emergency childcare facilities.

We will give students a place to belong and be active so they can thrive. 

We will inspire students to have a positive attitude about learning and hard work.

  • “You worked hard on that assignment, how does that make you feel?”
  • We will develop grit by encouraging students to take on and persist with something that is challenging for them each day.

We will help students meet expectations by helping them to create goals. 

  • We will use a reward system to help motivate students. 

We will seek to meet the basic needs of the families in our community.

  • We will care about the kids in our program as whole people.

Questions? Please contact us at