Maryam Molkara (1950-2012)

“Maryam Molkara was a devout Muslim and a transgender woman from Iran. She endured many injustices because of her gender identity, including imprisonment and physical assault. One day in 1987, she walked into Ayatollah Khomeini’s office to ask for the religious and legal right to live as a woman. She got it (after being beaten by his guards), and Iran today still has more rights for transgender people than other neighboring countries thanks to her courage.”

“[We are] grateful for all of the transgender and non-binary holy troublemakers whose stories… and whose witness are making our world a better place for all to flourish.” May we among them as peers and as advocates. May it be.

[illustration by Justine Lecouffe, excerpt from Holy Troublemakers & Unconventional Saints | @holytroublebook]