Consider this prayer from our very own Elizabeth Sherwood, Wayside Co-Lead Pastor:

“Dear God, here in this moment, we slow down and pause to acknowledge Your presence in our lives. Teach us to turn down the distractions that are unhelpful and give us the ability to hear Your voice speaking to us.

LORD, have mercy.

We come to you with heavy hearts that are breaking for Palestine and Israel. We think of our Friends’ connections that have relationally tied us to Palestinians in Ramallah. We ache for the violence and suffering and we ask that cease-fire negotiations would be successful here even today. LORD, have mercy.

In our own country God, we continue to name before you the sin of racism and white supremacy that taints every aspect of life. We confess our own complacency and apathy and ask that we will continue to be a transformed people even as we seek deep reform and restoration. LORD, have mercy.

As we seek to align with the broken-hearted, the oppressed, our neighbors in need, may we be humble, teachable, and ready to serve and learn from one another. LORD, have mercy.

God, with gratitude we give thanks for the gifts you have given to us. Thank you for entrusting us to be stewards of all that we have. We ask that you would shower us with your grace and wisdom that we might be people who demonstrate your love and light in this world. LORD, have mercy.”