Consider today this visio divina and wisdom from Scott Erickson | @scottthepainter

“Sometimes we don’t feel worthy enough to pray because “you don’t know what I’ve done”….⁣⁣

There is a place in all of us that we hide from each other. We believe if this part of us is seen, we will be asked to leave. Put out. Rejected. No longer belonging. We call this place Shame. ⁣

It is from this place that Fear has set up its headquarters to destroy our relational lives.⁣

This is exactly where God wants to heal us.⁣
This is where Love is waiting to speak to us about our belovedness.⁣

To be seen in the dark is to become a participant in the Light overcoming the darkness. The darkness is not a force competing against the Light. It is simply the space that Light has not been allowed to Shine in.⁣

There is nothing you have to fight in order to overcome the darkness. You only need to offer all your hidden spaces the opportunity to be seen in the Light. ⁣

To invite God to heal our shame is one of the greatest prayers we can ever offer. And surprisingly one of the hardest…⁣”