Consider today the prayers of @blackliturgies

“God who knows and still loves,

We thank you for those in our lives who truly see the image of God in us. May they and You hold us in love in a world marked by such criticism and cruelty. There are those who seek to diminish our spirits out of their own self-hatred – those who are made anxious by the glory of another, those who do harm and call it love. Reveal this to us, not that we would spend energy demonizing those people, but that we might become increasingly able to discern spaces of unlove for what they are and compassionately move away from them. Guide us toward those who see us in all of our beauty and faults – who tell us the truth and remain. And for the lonely, the alienated, reveal yourself as near to them and protect them as they wait for a community that honors them.

Inhale: I am known and loved.
Exhale: God, I release the unlove.”