Rabbi Regina Jonas

“Rabbi Regina Jonas was the first woman ordained as a Rabbi, but her story was almost lost to history because her ordination took place in 1935 in Berlin, Germany, and, tragically, she was killed at Auschwitz. Regina wrote her thesis on whether or not women could be rabbis according to sacred Jewish texts and religious laws, and helped set up a secret synagogue at the concentration camp where the Nazis took her in 1942. Regina’s papers were discovered after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and her story is being rediscovered today.

‘If I confess what motivated me, a woman, to become a rabbi, two things come to mind. My belief in God’s calling and my love of humans. God planted in our heart skills and a vocation without asking about gender. Therefore, it is the duty of men and women alike to work and create according to the skills given by God.’

In what ways might you become a trailblazer or support others who are called to being a trailblazer?”

[excerpt from Holy Troublemakers & Unconventional Saints | @holytroublebook]