Consider the wisdom of Ruth Chou Simons

“The Red Sea, Jonah, the disciples on the Sea of Galilee, Peter panicking after stepping out of the boat…each time the waves were too much, God desired to show his mercy that much more.⁣

‘He made the storm be still,⁣ and the waves of the sea were hushed.’ (Psalm 107:29)⁣

Just thinking today about all the places we turn to for stillness and hushing —people and places that have no power to quiet the chaos and longings of our hearts.⁣

But Jesus alone says to the wind and the waves, ‘Peace! Be still.’ (Mark 4:39) And they obey. ⁣⁣

The storms are there to produce a confidence in God, to lead us back to him, to cause us to surrender. He alone silences, stills, hushes, and calms the storms of our hearts; he’s inviting us to need him most.”