Consider the wisdom of Cole Arthur Riley

“‘For God alone my soul rests in silence whom my hope is born’ – Psalm 62

Don’t accept a restless soul; rest and hope are always connected.

It takes courage to be still, but you were not made to merely tremble.


God of Stillness,

Help us to steady our souls. The uncertainty of the world, transitions, and the pandemic have made our minds and bodies frenetic and disconnected. Grant is the courage to be still, that we would become so acquainted with silence that it would not bring anxiety but deep rest. Help us towards the habit of listening closely to our own interior worlds, believing that what stirs in us is worthy to be held and seen. As others insult and demean us or attempt to make us question our dignity, let us be people capable of traveling into ourselves, and with you let us bear witness to our hopes, fears, and stories, learning to parse out lie from truth, and find our rest in You. Our souls will quiver no more.


INHALE: God, help me be still.

EXHALE: Put my shaking soul at rest.”