“Your goal, then,
is to live in obedience:

With the light of faith
burning in the furnace of generous love,
anointed with humility,
drunk on the sacrificial love of Jesus;

Choosing patience
and sober self-examination,
enduring perseverance,
and all the other virtues.

Receive all this;
receive your purpose
from Me,
your Creator.”

– Catherine of Siena (1347-1380, my paraphrase)

Catherine speaks with God’s voice, from God’s perspective, and she reminds me of my goal: obedience. The old tapes play in my head: duty, rigidness, properness. And if I read too quickly, she piles on in the third paragraph: “sober self-examination”, “enduring perseverance.” Sigh. Such a dutiful life.

But wait!

“The light of faith!”
“The furnace of generous love!”
“Drunk on the sacrificial love of Jesus!”

Life! Passion! Vitality! This also is the journey of Lent. This also is life with God. Spirit, may it also be birthed in me.

Submitted by Gregg Koskela


For further reflection, today we’re reading John 19:7-16 in our community lenten reader.