You Are The One

Like a swimmer going under I cling to my ways

I gasp for breath and fight the weight pulling me down

My power and my strength have produced my life

If I kick, splash, and struggle I will overcome!

While all the time you are the one…

The one who gives me the breath I breathe

The one who offers hope in my flailing about

The one who hems me in,




The one who holds me close and whispers, “I am here.”

Even the ability to turn breath into tone, syllable, and meaning

…as the word “Help” comes to my lips…

is from you.

Without you I am lost

Without you I struggle in vain

Without you I am hopeless

Without you I will not survive.

And yet I believe you are the one…

So come and breathe into my life

Bring hope into my tired existence

Go before me as you have done before

Speak truth, with your gentle voice, anew

I calm my life and float in your love

Knowing you are the one who holds me up

The one who gives me breath

The one who saves my life

You are the one…

Submitted by Steve Fawver


For further reflection, today we’re reading John 18:28-36 in our community lenten reader.