“You created us from nothing;
now, here we are, existing.

Please, take further action,
loving, kind, and merciful action.
Remake our bodies and souls,
the ones you have created;

Remake us
in Your image
in Your likeness.

Re-create us to live in Grace itself,
in your loving, kind mercy
through the blood of Your Son
Sweet Jesus Christ.”

– Catherine of Siena (1347-1380, my paraphrase)

Our re-making, our re-creation… this transformative journey through Lent is all done through the loving, kind, merciful action of Spirit. May it be, Jesus! May your sacrifice bring transforming power to your love that shapes me!

Submitted by Gregg Koskela

For further reflection, today we’re reading John 18:10-14 in our community lenten reader.