Prayer: Offering Myself to God

“O Lord, I offer you myself right now…

May my feet be rooted deeply in your love.

May my spirit be quickened with your joy.

May my mind and emotions be quieted with your peace.

May my body and soul be flooded with your patience.

May my eyes, hands, and heart be empowered with your kindness.

May my actions and words be directed by your goodness.

May my responses and thoughts draw from your stream of faithfulness.

May all that I do and say have the flavor of your gentleness.

May my whole being be guided by you as you nurture self-control.

I invite you to grow, blossom, mature, and share the fruit of your Spirit in and through me.”

By Stephen Fawver, April 2017


Submitted by Gary Fawver


For further reflection, today we’re reading John 16:25-33 in our community lenten reader.