Consider the song “God is Love” by Chris Renzema

How great this love
Oh, it’s moving all my mountains
It’s perfect love
It’s casting out my fear
How great this love
Oh, it welcomes me like family
And anywhere I go
It meets me there
‘Cause He is good
And He is God
What I earned
It’s not what I got
And He is just
Yet also kind

What I deserve
It’s not what I find
What more could I say about Him?
My God is love
How great this love
Oh, it’s faithful through my failures
It’s trusting love
It’s with me ‘til the end
How great this love
Oh, it’s closer than a brother
This is love
He died so I could live

Submitted by Cara Bartlett

What imagery stands out to you? How do you experience God as love?

For further reflection, today we’re reading John 4:27-54 in our community lenten reader.