Charles Albert Tindley (1851-1933)

“Charles Tindley is known as one of the “founding fathers of American Gospel music.” The son of [enslaved parents], he taught himself to read and write at age 17. He was a driven young man, working as a janitor while attending night school, and earning his divinity degree through a correspondence course. In 1902, he became pastor of the Calvary Methodist Episcopal Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the church where he had earlier been the janitor. At the time of Tindley’s death, his church had 12,500 members…

Tindley wrote over 40 hymns in his lifetime. His “I’ll Overcome Some Day” was the basis for the American civil rights anthem “We Shall Overcome,” popularized in the 1960’s.”

“When the storms of life are raging, stand by me. When the world is tossing me, like a ship upon the sea, Thou who rulest wind and water, stand by me.”

What songs inspire you? What songs drive you forward? What songs give you hope? Take time today to surround yourself with music and explore artists you’re unfamiliar with.

[excerpt from Blue Letter Bible]