Leslie Foster

“Leslie Foster is a filmmaker and poet… one of Leslie’s best-known visual poems came to him [while waiting to see if he would be called for jury duty]… After an hour of doing nothing but sitting, waiting, and staging outside, Leslie started to see a series of images in his imagination… This is why Leslie had turned off his phone that day: ‘I knew my brain needed space to think and play,’ Leslie said. ‘And boredom is actually a great way to give my mind the space to surface a new idea that may have been brewing below the surface all along.’ That is how Leslie came to write, direct, and film Mother Godde

Like many of Leslie’s films, Mother Godde features women, people of color, transgender, and non-binary people who might not see their bodies as central characters on the screen very often… ‘When you’ve lived in as many cultures as I have, you realize how much we invent as people and then we turn it into culture that no one questions. We think it’s just the right way to do things. But a lot of those things we don’t question can really harm people. But I also know that because people create culture, we can also change culture. I want my films to be part of changing culture for the good of us all.’”

“What are some ways that boredom might inspire creativity in your life?”

[excerpts from “Holy Troublemakers & Unconventional Saints” by Daneen Akers]