Fr. Broderick Greer

“[Fr. Broderick Greer] learned that a life with God could look a lot like the margins of his grandma’s little green Bible. It could be a conversation. ‘I could see that this is what life with God can look like. Life with God is a dialogue. It is not fear based. I could settle in and take notes. And I could have my own thoughts and write back…’

[Fr. Broderick is now an openly gay Episcopal preacher who] loves to help interpret the Bible stories for people today. Interpretation of any text means that we try to take the words and figure out what they mean for us no. We can’t read anything without our own memories and experiences informing our understanding.”

“In what ways do you have conversations with the Divine and your sacred texts?”

[excerpts from “Holy Troublemakers & Unconventional Saints” by Daneen Akers]