Consider this prayer from Howard Thurman:

“Lord, make me an instru­ment of Thy Peace.” Teach me how to order my days that with sure touch I may say the right word at the right time and in the right way — lest I betray the spir­it of peace. Let me not be deceived by my own inse­cu­ri­ty and weak­ness which would make me hurt anoth­er as I try des­per­ate­ly to help myself. Keep watch with me, O my Father, over the days of my life, that with abid­ing enthu­si­asm I may be in such pos­ses­sion of myself that each day I may offer to Thee the full, unham­pered use of me in all my parts as ​“an instru­ment of Thy Peace.” Amen. – Howard Thurman

Lord, show me how I can be an instrument of your peace today.