Consider this prayer by Jon Huckins from “Lean Towards the Light This Advent and Christmas Season” compiled by Christine Aroney-Sine & Lisa DeRosa.

“As we celebrate the birth of a deliverer born in Bethlehem (Palestine) under the weight of violent occupation, I am grateful for my dear Palestinian friends who show us what peace looks like as they follow Jesus under occupation in Bethlehem today. We see you and, in you, we see Jesus.

As we celebrate the selfless courage of a mother, Mary, fleeing violence while seeking safety, hope and welcome, I am grateful for immigrant friends who teach me to trust in the liberating power of Jesus in ways I can hardly imagine. We see you and, in you, we see Jesus.

The Jesus story didn’t just happen. It is happening. It isn’t only a passive celebration of the past, it is an active participation in God’s (and our) future.

May we have the eyes to see Jesus born in and around us everyday. May our seeing disrupt our assumptions of who is ‘in’ and who is ‘out,’ uncover our false allegations to any kingdom other than God’s and liberate us to live like the Jesus we talk about.”

Read pages 157-158 for today’s full devotional “Receive the Prince of Peace.”