Consider this prayer by Sue Duby from “Lean Towards the Light This Advent and Christmas Season” compiled by Christine Aroney-Sine & Lisa DeRosa.

“Picture that same pitcher filled to the brim and spilling over. The slightest bump and more come forth. For those He brings near. In conversation. In prayer for others. As I write a note to a friend or send a text to my kids. A sprinkling, even soaking of hope, joy, and peace (all His). In my trusting and believing who He is… that amazing God of Hope. He does the filling, that allows the spilling over.

What a refreshing delight to think that our lives can be ‘hope, joy, and peace spillers’ in the midst of crazy uncertainty! Lord, show us how to daily receive a fresh filling of You, the God of Hope, so that all that You are might spill over from our lives to others. With gladness of heart and gratefulness for who You are. To encourage others in their journeys, as You have in mine.”

Read pages 98-100 for today’s full devotional “I Choose to Look at the World with Joy & Hope Overflowing.”