Consider this quote by Father Kenneth Tanner from “Lean Towards the Light This Advent and Christmas Season” compiled by Christine Aroney-Sine & Lisa DeRosa.

“Christmas is not about greatness but smallness, not about strength but weakness, not about force or coercion but invitation and welcome. Christmas does not need anyone to accept its joy or embrace its light.

Christmas happens in the margins, away from the spotlight. Christmas is elusive for the proud and the blustery, and threatening to every form of politics…

Christmas is about the vulnerability of God, about the revelation that God is the servant of his universe, that if we too serve the creation with God when we join his smallness, an insignificance that displays for all to see the mystery of a profound divine weakness, a humility that casts down all greatness and arrogance and elevates poverty and lowliness.”

Holy Spirit help us to accept the invitation of the Christmas season to be vulnerable and full of humility as God so lovingly models for us.

Read pages 83-84 for today’s full devotional “Waiting for a Vulnerable God.”