Consider this quote by Cynthia Helton from “Lean Towards the Light This Advent and Christmas Season” compiled by Christine Aroney-Sine & Lisa DeRosa.

“I’m suggesting that this chaos we’re finding ourselves in… be it personal, financial, political, or all the above… can be our ‘gift.’ Rather than trying to deny it exists, deny we’re possibly a ‘holy mess,’ let us use this unsettling time to our advantage.

Like Jesus in the wilderness, let us see our demons for what they are: our fears… feeling disconnected from God… searching for what we think we’ve lost. Let us use this time to reflect on the fat that the incarnate Christ really comes to us over-and-over again, like the ebb and flow of our lives… a continual Advent.”

Loving God quiet our fears. Help us to feel connected to You. Remind us that we are found.

Read pages 63-64 for today’s full devotional “Waiting to Exhale.”