“Can you see the cloud in the lily? It takes clouds to make rain. And it takes rain to fall to make lilies grow… so the cloud and the lily have an inter-being relationship. Can you see the cloud in the lily? Can you see the ocean in the lily? Because the clouds form off of the evaporation of the ocean… and that home to so many wonderful creatures… whales, sharks, blowfish, seahorses… now resides in the very plant growing before you. Can you see the oceans in the lily? Can you see the sun in the lily? The sun, our closest star, shines on the earth and allows the lily to grow. In fact all things grow because of its light. Can you see the sun in the lily? To consider the lilies is to consider the inter-being it has with all of existence. And by doing this exercise… hopefully… we see that we lovingly belong in the exact same way. “

Reflect on this quote about considering the lilies from Scott Erikson. How do you see yourself in relationship with other created things? How can you see yourself interconnected with other people and with God?