Consider this prayer from blackliturgies, “Present God, We thank you that you are a God whom we can trust with our deepest hopes and fears. It is tempting to turn against our own souls for that which you hold so tenderly. Help us toward that tenderness, that we would find people who we can tell the truth of our present emotions and bodies to. Whatever the outcome, the wounds made by this nation’s faithful embrace of white supremacy does violence to our minds and bodies. Many of us rise feeling the weight of civil betrayal rattling our bones. We look to our neighbors in fear and mistrust. We watch in terror as this country’s leader sow seeds of unrest and duplicity in the minds of many. We need you. Place your hand of reason, truth, and justice over every evil, deceitful inclination. Place your hand of comfort and protection over those who once again have had to contend with the soul of a country that feels against their very dignity. Be with us in our waiting. And may help and hope meet us.”