Consider this quote from Lizzy Milani from the practice co, “For the ancient Hebrews (the men and women who wrote and are in the scriptures), heaven was the return to our divine and original state of shalom – peace – at one with the Divine, God, the life source, the groud of being. That’s why Heaven can be here and yet still coming.

There are glimpses of it: you see it every time someone gives and loves and hopes and forgives. You see it when orphans are taken in, and widows are cared for. You see it when children are loved, and laughter is heard. You see it when mercy triumphs over judgment when empathy crosses boundaries not many dare venture over. You see it in the sunrise, the tides of the ocean, the face of the moon, the bird singing in the afternoon and the green grass under our feet. You see it in tragedy as people flock to help, as fridges are filled with food and as shaking shoulders are held.

As dark and frightening and hurtful as the world is, her beauty, truth, and strength persist. Who she is really – who we really are – is still there. Deep calls unto deep, and we must remember who we were made to be.”

Holy Spirit, may we be a kind reminder to those around us who they were made to be – including ourselves. Help us to understand and cultivate shalom.