Join us Sundays at 5:04 p.m. for a worship gathering via Zoom. Please use this link to access the audio / video call: 

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 809 216 699

If you need to set up a zoom account, please see instructions below.

Here are some notes on how to participate:

Zoom Community Norms

These are strange times and, as a faith community, we’re entering uncharted waters when it comes to gathering in “virtual” spaces. In order to help the experience be as smooth and engaging as possible we invite you to consider these community norms whenever we gather as a worshiping community through Zoom.

  • To protect people’s online privacy, please refrain from taking screenshots or recordings of our Zoom Gatherings and sharing them on social media.

  • If you would like to join the gathering without sharing a video of yourself, you can do so by clicking the “Stop Video” button in the lower left portion of the Zoom window. Your name will be displayed in place of your video.

  • Please MUTE your microphone unless the facilitator invites you to share. This prevents the background noises from each household from cluttering the sound.

  • Remember: when using the “Chat” feature, unless you send a message privately to one group member, it is visible to everyone.

  • Please don’t click “Share Screen” unless the facilitator invites you to share. When/if you do share your screen, remember to first close any windows or applications with personal or sensitive information.

FOR ZOOM SUPPORT: click here for the FAQ page from Zoom

*If you’ve never used Zoom before, click here for the Zoom Gatherings Tutorial