Here is the Ted Loder poem we used in our Easter celebration. I continue to pray for our community that we are individuals and a group who says “YES” to the present and living Christ. There are no dead ends to living and mercy triumphs! May we be people who respond to the calls of Christ. (Steve Fawver)


I Praise You for this Resurrection Madness

Lord of such amazing surprises

as put a catch in my breath

and wings on my heart,

I praise you for this joy,

too great for words,

but not for tears and songs and sharing;

for this mercy

that blots out my betrayals

and bids me begin again

to limp on,

to hop-skip-and-jump on,

to mend what is broken

in and around me,

and to forgive the breakers;

for this YES

to life and laughter,

to love and lovers,

and to my unwinding self;

for this kingdom

unleashed in me and I in it forever,

and no dead ends to growing,

to choices,

to chances,

to calls to be just;

no dead ends to living,

to making peace,

to dreaming dreams,

to being glad of heart;

for this resurrection madness

which is wiser than I

and in which I see

how great you are,

and how full of grace.


(Ted Loder – Guerrillas of Grace)